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Crestron and Zoom: The perfect team

  • Perfect solution: Zoom software natively integrated into Crestron hardware
  • Perfect consistent experience: Engineered to deliver flawless video, crystal clear audio and instant sharing
  • Perfect touch simplicity
  • Perfect connection: 24/7 support

Simple but powerful Zoom Room equipment, that just works.

Crestron Mercury Tabletop Device Zoom Rooms



Hours of preparation goes into every meeting.

Hundreds of hours of engineering expertise go into making those meetings flawless.

With Crestron and Zoom Rooms: Last minute meetings, global team huddles, boardroom strategy sessions start with a single touch. 



Set up your next meeting for success with Crestron and Zoom Rooms.

The Flex B-Series gives nothing but audio and image quality that really performs.

No participant will miss a single word or important piece of content.

Partnering the Crestron Flex B-Series and Zoom Rooms are how business-critical meetings get seen. Heard. And done.

Crestron Flex B-Series Soundbar Zoom Rooms Hardware
Crestron Flex C Zoom Rooms Kit



A company-wide annual meeting in the auditorium. Sharing content with shareholders in the boardroom and stakeholders around the world.

Pre-existing configurations and solutions. Complicated spaces with high expectations.

Crestron Flex C-Series makes the complicated simple. Giving you the flexibility to build a Zoom Rooms Solution customised for your meeting spaces, designed for your success. Easily, quickly and efficiently.

Experience the Crestron and Zoom difference

Crestron B Series Microphone Zoom Rooms

Crestron employs adaptive beam forming technology with a range of 15 feet. It easily picks up whoever is speaking with pinpoint precision. Amplified speakers support a full range of HD-audio, so the richest content has the fullest sound

Note: The microphone pickup range may be less within rooms that have a highly reflective infrastructure (e.​g.​, glass walls, metal furniture, open ceilings etc.) and/or above average ambient noise.

Crestron B Series 4K Camera Zoom Rooms

Dynamic light optimisation, auto white balance, wide angle, people-counting and automatic lossless digital zoom intelligently frames around participants.

Crestron Zoom Rooms Installation

All you need is a power socket and a single USB connection.

Crestron B Series Advanced Controls Zoom Room Kit

Crestrons’ Flex button can even connect to advanced video options and smart building ecosystems: lower the shades, adjust lighting, and even change the temperature

Enterprise video conferencing...

without the enterprise headaches

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