What are Zoom Rooms? An in-depth look at the ultimate video conferencing solution.

While most people are comfortable with using Skype for their video communications, professional businesses have more advanced setups to allow for effective collaboration of their staff and stakeholders.

Zoom Video Communications are a leading cloud-based video conferencing platform that is being used more and more around the world for online meetings, chats, webinars and sharing of content.

Organisations began using Zoom Rooms on both desktop and mobile in 2011 and over the last few years, Zoom Rooms have been adopted more and more for high-quality video conferencing in everything from Huddle rooms, meeting rooms and video conferencing spaces.

Zoom rooms are the ultimate way of empowering individuals, teams and entire organisations to collaborate efficiently and communicate from anywhere in the world.

To set up a Zoom Room requires only three things, a Zoom Cloud Subscription, Zoom Room Licences and some Zoom Hardware.

zoom hardware setup

How can Zoom Rooms help me?

Zoom Rooms allows the extension of Zoom Video Communications into your meeting spaces.  When implemented well, with great Zoom hardware and services you will find your meeting spaces improved with incredible video and audio allowing staff to connect easily with remote teams and businesses.

Zoom Rooms are a professional video conferencing setup and having your business enabled with high-end video conferencing quickly provides professional benefits.  

Your business will connect better with remote teams, improve relationships with both suppliers and customers, reduce business travel costs, improve your interview & training processes and will make your business much more competitive globally.

All of this is achieved in a simple solution which is backed by a solid cloud communication platform with all the tools needed for remote collaboration.

Request a callback from a Zoom Rooms expert.

We are authorised Zoom Rooms hardware installers and can help you understand how to implement Zoom Rooms easily into your meeting spaces.  Just fill out the details below and one of our experts will contact you.

Where can I buy Zoom Hardware?

Zoom itself does not manufacture hardware (like Skype doesn’t)

They only provide the software part and don’t have their own video conferencing equipment.  Luckily Zoom has a lot of certified hardware partners like Logitech, Dten and Aver which gives the best video and audio for your Zoom Rooms.

To make it even easier for you to set up your first Zoom Room there are certified Installers like us that can bring everything together for you with a suitable solution and take away the headache.

The Zoom Hardware required depends on the size of space that you are turning into a Zoom Room and we can walk you through the full requirements.

The idea is that when you deploy Zoom Rooms we make sure you are set up with the best hardware which is then simply connected to the Zoom platform. This allows all your staff to access the features of the Zoom Cloud, which include Secure multipoint conferencing, audio and content sharing with recording, chat, calendar integration along with all the other features and benefits you would expect from a professional collaboration platform.

What 3rd Party Zoom Hardware can I connect to my Zoom Rooms?

The standard Zoom hardware required for an effective Zoom Rooms is a Camera, Mic/Speaker, Tablet (iPad or Android), Screen(s) and a Mac or PC.

Like many other technologies, there is a range of certified and non-certified equipment that can be used in your Zoom Rooms and will make up your Zoom Room hardware bundle.  With any project like this, you will run into limitations and challenges which may require hardware changes to provide the ultimate video conferencing setup for your needs.

This is why we recommend that to be sure of getting exactly what you need it can be advisable to seek some assistance from an expert to help you understand what combination of Zoom hardware will work best in your meeting spaces.

Other Frequent Questions About Zoom Rooms

Making sure that your Zoom Hardware is installed professionally and to the highest quality is our speciality.  We have over 20 years of experience delivering AV projects across the UK and are proud to be Authorised Zoom Installers.

Professional design, integration, installation, support & maintenance of your Zoom Rooms must be done by a trusted UK Zoom Installer like us.

Once your Zoom Rooms are up and running they can be managed by the Zoom Rooms Admin Management Dashboard.  

This dashboard allows assigning of accounts & permissions to monitor the health of your Zoom Rooms deployment and also remotely manage the Zoom hardware.

It can also notify you of the following events if needed:

  • Controller (iPad) is disconnected
  • Microphone is disconnected
  • Speaker is disconnected
  • Camera is disconnected
  • Low bandwidth detected
  • Zoom Rooms is offline
  • High CPU usage
  • Controller (iPad) battery is low

Yes, Zoom Rooms allows the screens in your meeting rooms to be used to display things like company information & notices, Social Media updates, the latest weather or any other content you want to share to a space while the zoom room is not in use.

This functionality is all part of a Zoom Rooms subscriptions licence. Having the digital signage offering means you can manage your screens at scale or even individually with ease from your Zoom admin portal which supports unlimited displays.

Just like normal Zoom Meetings, Zoom Rooms integrates flawlessly with Microsoft Exchange and Google Calendar.  This means your Zoom Rooms can access easy scheduling, joining and meeting management.

Of course! Zoom Rooms offer wireless high-resolution sharing of content with proximity detection over Wi-Fi.  Sharing from a laptop or mobile via AirPlay mirroring is also possible if direct HDMI connection is not possible.

Sharing video includes audio.

A Zoom Room licence is the magic bit that connects your Zoom hardware into the Zoom Cloud.  Zoom Rooms are a paid-for application from Zoom directly.

A Zoom Room licence can also include other add-ons like webinars, recordings, or the large meeting add-on.  It is all very flexible and dependent on how you need your Zoom Rooms to perform.

There is also Zoom Rooms for Touch and also the Zoom Rooms Connector if needed for additional functionality.  Luckily, creating the perfect bundle is our speciality and we can help walk you through every step of the process to make sure you get the perfect Zoom Hardware and solution for your needs.

One of the greatest features of Zoom Rooms the powerful Scheduling display add-on (free).  Putting it simply, it ends scheduling headaches by displaying upcoming meetings, room availability, and allows users to instantly book the Zoom Room all from the wall-mounted iPads. 

No more bits of paper sellotaped to the conference room door.

The Zoom Hardware and licences used in your Zoom Rooms is wholly dependent on your needs, room size and space requirements, plus the current communication and collaboration you have already. Some companies already have video conferencing equipment installed such as Poly or Lifesize.

Zoom can use standards-based video conferencing systems such as Cisco or Poly by using a Zoom Room Connector. The Zoom Room Connector allows companies to use existing equipment and video conferencing endpoints with Zoom Cloud.

A Zoom Room Connector is a special licence that enables SIP or H.323 room systems to connect with Zoom Rooms.