Zoom Rooms Case Studies

"I never get asked about how to use Zoom - people just get accounts and I never hear from them again, all I see is the usage on the dashboard go up continuously."
Nasdaq Zoom Rooms Case Study
Greg Martin
Senior Manager of NASDAQ
Sonos Zoom Room Case Study
Uber Zoom Rooms
"It's so easy to connect over Zoom and talk to somebody. Last year we did a collaboration survey of all our collaboration tools and Zoom Video Conferencing ranked #1 and Zoom Rooms ranked #2."
"There is really no other way to collaborate and communicate other than a great video conferencing solution, and we use Zoom."

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Groupon Zoom Rooms Case Study
Sydney University Zoom Rooms Case Study
"We have a video-first culture at Groupon - out of 3 million minutes of conferencing monthly, 96% is with video turned on."
"Zoom Rooms have saved us about $1.5 million and usage of the same rooms went up by 400%."